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Dawn Dumont Walker is "an award winning playwright and writer who was wrongfully jailed in Oregon for trying to escape domestic violence. Currently jailed in Saskatchewan, Dawn needs to be freed and charges dropped. Her situation reflects a systematic failure to support her when she was most in need. Dawn has not failed anyone; the system has failed her as it does so often with Indigenous women, women of colour and LGBTQIA2S+." - Tasha Beeds creator of Dawn Dumont Walker's Petition

#StandWithDawn is a network of concerned citizens, advocates, scholars, Indigenous peoples, leaders and matriarchs  from all walks of life, including advocates from Idle No More, Iskwêwuk E-wichiwitochuk (Women Walking Together), Native Woman’s Association of Canada, No More Silence, Family Law Court Hurts, Women Who Choose Life, Regina Treaty Status Indian Services, Aboriginal Legal Services of Toronto and the Federation of Sovereign Indigenous Nations. Indigenous Women leaders, family and friends that have come together to support Dawn. We offer compassionate understanding for Dawn, Indigenous women, women of colour and LGBTQIA2S+ and all survivors of intimate partner violence and the systemic injustices that often fail to ensure their safety.

Many Indigenous women feel helpless within the current justice system and this is when they need strong support.

Our Mission

To bring awareness, support and a call for change to the justice system, family law system and policing that have lead to further injustice for Dawn Dumont Walker and all Indigenous women, women of colour, LGBTQIA2S+ and all survivors of violence.

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Our Vision

All Indigenous women, women of colour,  LGBTQIA2S+ and survivors of violence and their familes are protected and safe.

Our Mission

We Need Your Support Today!

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